Free Heel Balm


You can get a free sample of heel balm from Dermatonics which is useful for cracked heels. Order your sample by going to their website and filling in the form on the right side. Click the GET IT NOW button to visit Dermatonics now and order your free heel balm sample.

Free Saal Digital Photobook


Saal Digital is giving away free photobooks and you can also get it for free by visiting their free photobook page and fill in the form so that they can send it to you. Click the GET IT NOW button to visit their official website and click the Apply now button for a chance to …

Free Soap & Glory Products


Soap & Glory is giving away free products when you signup to their occasional newsletter. Upon signup, you will receive an email about what free product sample you will get. You can unsubscribe at any time. Click the GET IT NOW button to visit the E-News page on their website and signup today.

Free Fridge Stickers


Want to get some cool looking stickers for your fridge? Get them for free from Team Refrigeration by filling in the form given on their website. Stickers will be sent to your within 2 weeks. Click the GET IT NOW button to go to Team Refrigeration website now to get these fridge stickers.

Free Cetaphil Cleanser


Head over to This Is Powder website and register there to get a free sample of Cetaphil moisturiser which keeps your skin soft and smooth. Scroll down to the end of website to enter your address where you want to receive it. Click the GET IT NOW button and get yourself a free Cetaphil Skin …

Free Black Opium Fragrance


YSL is giving away 40,000 free samples of their Black Opium fragrance. Submit your details now to receive this luxury perfume sample. Hurry up and act now before they run out. Click the GET IT NOW button to go to YSL website and get yourself a free sample of your choice.

Free LA Muscle Abs Workout Guide


Get ripped in 10 days with a workout guide developed by LA Muscle that will give you guaranteed 6-pack abs. They are giving this guide for free so you grab one right now. Add it in cart and use your personal details on checkout. Click the GET IT NOW button to go to LA Muscle …

Free Maybelline Foundation


If you happen to buy a Maybelline foundation and you didn’t like the shade then Maybelline will give you a refund. Visit their money back page and fill up the form to receive full money back in your account. Click the GET IT NOW button and claim your money back and you get to keep …

Free 2017 Calendar From Tauck


Tauck is giving away free travel calendar for 2017. While ordering your free calendar, use the code 72243699 in the key code field on the form and then fill up the rest of the form with your details to get it delivered to your mailing address. Click the GET IT NOW button to visit Tauck website …

Free LA Muscle Trolley Keyring


LA Muscle trolley keyring is worth £4.99 but you can get it totally free as they have got loads up for grab on their website. Add the keyring in cart and checkout and it will be delivered to you free of cost. Click the GET IT NOW button to go to LA Muscle and get …

Free NowTV Pillow Case


NowTV has organized a competition and there are 1000 free pillow cases up for grab as a prize. Fill up the form and tell them which TV show is your favourite and if you choose, you will get a pillow case with famous TV celebrities printed on them. Click the GET IT NOW button to …

Free Antioxidant Lip Balm


Organic Pharmacy and Emerald Street have teamed up to give away 2,000 free samples of their antioxidant lip balm which help protect and repair dry lips. Answer their question and then submit your entry for a chance to win a lip balm. Click the GET IT NOW button to visit the competition page and submit …

Free Woodland Trust Tree Seeds


Join the cause and make a difference by growing trees. We need more trees to be grown in UK and for that Woodland Trust needs a helping hand in achieving their goals. Request your free packet of seeds and grow them on your land. Click the GET IT NOW button and grab your free pack …

Free Carmex Lip Balm


Carmex lip balm nourishes and protects your lips from drying. There are 200 lip balms to be given away from Carmex so if you want to try one, fill up the competition entry form on their facebook page. Click the GET IT NOW button to visit the competition page now and fill up the form.

Free St. Moriz Products


St. Morris is renowned for it’s wide range of tanning products. If you join their website as an ambassador, you can have exclusive access to their offers and promotions including their free product samples. Join now and receive their tanning products for free. Click the GET IT NOW button and become an ambassador on St. …

Free Loctite 55 Sealant Pack


Loctite company wants you to try their Loctite 55 sealant by providing free samples. Fill in the form with asked details to receive a free sample via post. There are only 1000 samples available so hurry up if you need to get a sample. Click the GET IT NOW button and request your free sample …

Free Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Sample


Give you skin a boost of moisture by using the Clarins Hydra-Essentiel silky cream that prevents your skin from drying making it soft and younger looking. Fill out the form and request your free sample today. Click the GET IT NOW button to visit the sample request form, fill it up and submit it and …

Free Wuffit Mix Dog Food Sample


Wuffit Mix want you to try a free sample of their dog food range before you decide to buy them. Fill in the form with your address and tell them what sample you want, they will then confirm your sample order and dispatch it to you. Click the GET IT NOW button to order your …

Free ‘The Vape’ E-Liquid


There are hundreds of free samples of e-liquid being given away at The Vape each month so if you want to try out their e-liquids for free, fill up your details and they will send you a sample once at the end of the month. Click the GET IT NOW button and submit your entry …

Free Burt’s Bees Lipsticks


Burt’s Bees lipstick has natural moisturising ingredients that keep your lips moist for up to 8 hours. There are also 16 vibrant shades available which will meet your every mood needs. Get a free lipstick from them now as they are giving away 100 free lipsticks every 8 hours. Click the GET IT NOW button …

Free Avene Skincare Samples


Avene is giving away free skin products after you take a skin diagnosis on their website. Fill in the detailed form so that they can determine the skin issues you have and then they will suggest you some of their skin products and give away free samples. Click the GET IT NOW button to get …

Free Potato Growing Kit


This freebie is for students. Register your school for this project and get a free potato growing kit which contains seeds and other tools to grow you own potatoes. Just head over to their website and register now to grab this freebie. Click the GET IT NOW button and request your free potato growing kit …

Free Copy Of Making Cards Magazine


Learn how make handmade cards by getting yourself a free copy of Making Cards magazine. The magazine has got loads of design ideas and tutorials on making cards. Fill out the form now to receive the magazine. Click the GET IT NOW button, scroll down to the end to fill out the form to request …

Free Little Chompers Dog Food


Little Chompers are giving samples of hypoallergenic dog food. If you want to get a sample, visit the sample page and email them with the required details and they will send it to you within 3-5 days. Click the GET IT NOW button to go to Little Chompers sample page now and request it.

Free Bulldog Men Skincare Sets


Win a full set of Bulldog skincare range by entering the competition on Bulldog website. They are giving away 100 sets for free and you can also participate in the competition by filling in your details on the form provided. Click the GET IT NOW button to enter the competition and win a full set …